Tuesday, May 6, 2008


UGH - thats it just ugh. LOL

Why is it men don't think thats it's important to do nice things for their wives on a regular basis. In the last week I've finished my first college classes (with A's), made Provider of the Year for the base AND planned/carried out The Princess's bday party with little help from him.

All I want is a little recognition from him. More then "That's awesome." or something. UGH it bites - it also bites that I feel this way. I hate feeling shitty cause someone doesn't show they care. Anyways....

Then when I express it to him he just gives me a blank stare. He looks "bothered that I feel bad" but he does nothing to "fix" his issues with showing it. Today I even gave him examples that he goes out to the bar with guys who make rank so they feel good but his wife gets nothing more then a "Good Job" when she does something. WHo's more important them or me. So every couple months I feel like crap again. Maybe I should just get over it cause he'll never change. His arguement when I say I deserve better is to find someone else then. Well what if I don't want to - I WANT HIM. (asshole) I'm not asking for much.