Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Provider of the Year - what were they thinking?

Okay so earlier (okay 20-30mins ago...LOL) I mentioned that I made Provider of the Year (POY) for the base. Last Friday was our Provider Dinenr and my friend Sara watched the monsters with her monsters and they all lived happily ever after playing Mario Kart on the Wii. Where she promptly and throughly beat my 7yr old and his siblings suck cause they let her. Anyways I'm off track. LOL

At the dinner I managed to drag Chef and my two daycare mom's. They are awesome ladies and I enjoy hanging out with them. Ms A brought me beautiful flowers (awe how SWEET). So we're enjoying ourselves when they went and did it. (The Coordinator and Trainer that is...not to mention the OTHER provider's).

Ms Karen (the trainer) is getting ready to annouce POY. The other provider's sitting near me start chanting my name. (what would they have done if they called someone elses name?????). Well she calls my name out then. I shoot a glare at the racket in the back (LOL) and go up front in true embarassment. Recieve my award and listen to the Commnader tell me how I'm awesome and how what I do is a wonderful thing (not those words - I mean he IS a Commander so I'm sure it sounded a ton better - I just wanted to sit down)

So then we end the evening sitting in another room at the club with these AWESOME drinks and chatting. Chef ran to Sara's to snag the kids before she thought they moved in. (Although I know for a fact she wants my daughter...LOL - most days she could have her)

Here are some pics from that night....

Chef and I:

The 2 greatest Daycare Moms:

My award:

All of us provider's and our Coordinator (Ms Janet) and Trainer (Ms Karen):

Me and the DCmama's:


Sara said...

And I repeat: It's about time!!!!!!!! YAY Ms Holly!