Friday, November 21, 2008

Well it's the truth...

So last weekend I had to write a paper for school. My first actual "paper-paper" you know the ones. They have to make sense and get a point of veiw across (my point of view) and it has be written like a college student and all that jazz. ANYWAYS I did it but I was drugged. I was nervous about the "sense" of it. Needless to say I had to turn it in anyways...

Yesterday I got my grade. I got a 78 out of 80. Yeah I know - right.

So this morning I tell Chef. This is our converstation.

Me - "So I got a 78 out of 80 on my paper."

Chef - "Really! That's great hon." (comes over to hug me)
"I knew you could do it. Why didn't you tell me this yesterday?"

Me - "Cause you were being a butt and I was PMSing so I didn't want to."

Chef - "Um okay then."

Well shoot - he can't fault me for being honest can he. LOL