Monday, November 17, 2008


Okay so my life around here. I have been sick. Sick since Halloween. Which is mostly ANNOYING! (who taught these kids to share and who's idea was it that people needed to share?) I couldn't take it anymore and after prodding from Sara I decided to go in to be seen. I couldn't take off of work so I decided to head to the AFA Acute Care Unit after work on Friday. I took Sara with me since it was HER idea and well the AFA is far.and dark.and did I mention far. So we get to the base and start driving into the great blue yonder for signs for the hospital. We keep going.going.going....

Um doesn't it seem like we've been driving awhile?? (me)
Yeah, but we're almost there so keep going. (S)
But what if we die? (me)
We need to work on your false sense of security on a military base. You.have.none. (S)
Well yeah but you know how those cadets can be. (me)
Yeah (S)

driving some more.....

Um I think we've gone too far (me)
Yeah, I haven't seen the sign. Turn around. (S)
There's no where to turn around. We're going to die. (me)
Just turn around no one is coming down this road. (S)
*I do a 3 point turn*
Hey! There's a freaking sign. (me)
Yes (S)

So we turn and head into the hospital FINALLY. Um where do we park now? Doesn't the Air Force believe in LIGHTS. Goodness it is pitch black out here. We finally decide to park somewhere and hesitantly head towards what we THINK is the Acute Care Clinic. HEY it is! Lucky us. We go inside (did I mention it is FREEZING!). Sara goes to sit down while I walk up to the counter.

Do you have an appt? (dude)
Excuse me? (me)
Do you have an appt? (dude)
I didn't know I needed one. Peterson just told me to come in. (me)
They don't know anything. (dude)
*nod my head in agreement*
I will see if I can get u an appt. (dude)
Thanks (me)

He finds me an appt for at 7pm - it's 6:15 so thats not too bad. We wait.

I finally go back and was seen. I have *drum roll please* walking pneumonia. WTF Not okay. So he gives me 3 drugs to take to help me feel better and off we go. Need to find dinner. I's hungry and Chef informed me (after I called him) that my kids ate ALL of the dinner. Brats. So we're off in search of food.

So on TOP of this I have my college semester coming to a close and of COURSE there was a major paper DUE on Monday (today). But I'm sick (yeah didn't think that would work) so I had to carve time out of resting to work on it and OTHER assignments.

Didn't my body get the message that I do not have TIME to be sick.

So thats where I've been/am. I hope to get back to regular blogging at such a time when I feel better and classes have ended. I should have tons to talk about I would think.


Heather said...

Hang in there!!

Sara said...

You really should work on your false sense of security. It's quite nice this time of year!

Party of 5 said...


My fear was all done in the spirit of being silly. :-)

Sara said...

**New Disclaimer**
Her "fear" is because she's a total nerd.

...and I found a place darker than the Academy. Here on base. The road to the commissary. It totally creeps me out now!