Friday, November 14, 2008


"M go potty before you lay down please." - me
"Ms. Holly I don't have to." - M
"Please go and try." - me
from the bathroom..."Ms Holly it won't come out!" - M
(trying not to laugh) "Okay M wash your hands and come lay down then. Thanks for trying." - me

**side note - Where are you peeps? I see you checking in but no one is commenting. This makes me slightly sad. I love comments as much as the next gal. (batting my eyelashes)


Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny. I don't always comment because sometimes I just read you on my reader and chat w/ you in IM. LOL So I figure that makes us even. :)

I hear ya on the comments though so here I am commenting. I love 'em. I gotta an idea. Do HNT next week. That's always my biggest day. lol You can start w/ your toes. :P

Linda said...

I'm here. I read every day.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm here, late tho. Just been sick and not commenting on anyone's blog.