Friday, November 21, 2008

Seriously at FOUR?

So Princess comes home today from Preschool. Same as any other day. Run in. Hug Mommy. Pull her folder out of her bag. Got it.

Today she brought home an adorable little Turkey project. Only something was missing (I guess).

So she starts pulling everything out of her backpack.

Snow boot (check) - flys across the room

Other snow boot (check) - follows other one

Scarf (check) - outta here

Gloves (check....and check) - buh bye

Hat (check) - Man that got some air

"It's not HERE!" says Princess

"UGH" as she throws her bag down.

"Where is it?" she exclaims

"Oh no!" slaps her head with her hands

"I don't have it." (gasp - really?) As she throws herself on the couch in dispair

Chef walks in...."What's wrong?" Me...."She is missing something I guess." (trying not to laugh - not very well mind you)

Chef says "Why is your folder on the dining room table?"

Princess says "I don't knnnnnnnooooooow."

So I pick it up and pull out her regular papers...oh wait here's a baggie????

"Is this what you're looking for?" I ask

"YES!" says Princess "Oh good" as she goes about her business.

Um really seriously AT four yrs old I have to deal with the mood swings....oh boy. I am so glad I had 2 boys first. (Sorry Sara! and Stacy)


Sara said...

We've been dealing with mood swings since before Big Z was born. Nothing new for me!

Anonymous said...

I can relate. My youngest is a mega drama queen! It blows my mind.

Aunt Becky said...

Kids are so dramatic, man.