Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Um no this is NOT a political post. LOL This is actually funny.

Okay so the boys come home today and tell me that tomorrow is "Spirit Day" and they can wear orange and blue or their uniforms. (okay side not I live near the "Bronco's"). I say wait okay so for "Spirit Day" you can only wear orange and blue but no other team colors. They both say yes. Well this bothered me. For one who says my kids have to support a team they do not like or they can't enjoy the no uniform day like everyone else. Not fair in my book. So I call the school to clarify. The Admin lady confirmed that yes it was orange and blue or uniforms. I said I didn't agree with that and she asked to take down my info so the Principle could call me back. I said okay.

Fast forward a few minutes....this is after explaining to the boys how that is discrimination against other teams other might support and it isn't okay to pick a team based on the Principle's "interests". (Little Man mentioned that the Principle likes the Bronco's).

So I am talking to Chef on the phone and I make the comment "I could understand wearing orange and blue if a member of the Bronco's was visiting their school tomorrow..." and Little Man pipes up "Well the Mascot is coming to our school tomorrow." WHAT???

You failed to mention this little bit of IMPORTANT information. GAH!

So that changes EVERYTHING. My goodness if there is a valid reason other then someone else's "likes" then hello it is fine. So I explain to them how this changes things and how they are not being forced to support a team they might not like (my boys are for Greenbay btw).

So the Principle calls me back (ut oh). I ask her if they have Bronco's visitor coming tomorrow and she says "Yes, it is the mascot for (something or other)." I say ok cause at first I was concerned about the being able to only wear orange and blue and my oldest said it was because you liked the Bronco's and that bothered me." She laughed and said "Oh I understand and if this was a reg "Spirit Day" then they would be able to choose who they wear. Also don't tell anyone but I grew up liking the Redskins but I have to be quiet since our visitor if from the Bronco's." I laughed too and replied "That I bet since she is also from a military family and half if not more of her students are in military families as well." I thanked her for calling me back.

If I haven't mentioned it lately I love this new school. The last two years has been wonderful. Everyone is very supportive and the boys are excelling (more on that later).

Oh and I am doubly glad I am a parent who checks up on things - can you imagine what Little Man would of said at school if I didn't find out the truth...LOL. Oh boy.


Kristin said...

Kids always seem to "forget" details when telling their parents something but they for sure would get it right telling someone else "family issues!"

BTW GO BRONCOS!!! (sorry, had to add that ) lol

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, how funny. Ben is ALWAYS forgetting some detail like that. Changes everything, right?

fairyflutters said...

I think you handled that very nicely. I agree it would have been wrong if it were just what the principal liked. I can also see if it were their school colors or something. Good job on getting the facts straight!

Sara said...

LOL. Thank goodness they get a good school. I was so worried about the district, after you all have been scaring me for YEARS!