Thursday, November 13, 2008

Awards Night

I'd like to thank.....

Oh wait it wasn't about me.

The boys had their Flag Football awards ceremony last night. It was long and boring...(we had to sit through all the soccer teams first) and FINALLY they got to the Football players. (course I was ticked cause all those loser soccer parents effing LEFT before they got to the Football so by then NO ONE was there except the football families. LOSERS! Some people are SO RUDE - ANYWAYS - I did say this wasn't about me. LOL)

Aren't they so freaking handsome?

Monkey being...well Monkey. LOL Excuse the crappy quality - my camera likes to PMS when I need it to take nice pics.

Little Man - now on the way there I asked him "Why are you so damn good looking?"

His reply: He fell off the curb as he was walking cause he turned to look at me with this huge grin on his face. (I know I planned it that way...LOL)

Of course the Princess was there too and wanted her picture taken with Mommy. (ignore the wide eyes - have NO idea what that is all about...LOL)


Special K said...

Handsome young men. Beautiful ladies. Glad you survived a ceremony that means more in terms of "we went" than any trophies they received that will end up in a closet somewhere.