Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love Thanksgiving. It's not just the wonderful food (although that is a MAJOR plus) but is a time when we can fill our house with people. LOL Sorry I'm crazy but it's fun. The bonus we are not running all over the state trying to make everyone happy. We usually host Thanksgiving and everyone brings their favorite side dishes (cause Chef's Turkey is to DIE for not to mention his gravy *drool*) This Thanksgiving I am reminded to be thankful. Although it's not to say I am not always thankful.

I am thankful for my family. A husband who always sticks by me and children who can always be counted on to drive me insane (I say that lovingly - no really I do). I am thankful for our experiences and time together.

I am thankful for my friends. Those that are here and those that are far away. The military has brought many of them into my life and I wouldn't trade them for the WORLD. They have become like family to us.

Speaking of family. I am thankful to have been given so many who have made me who I am today. Without this beginning I wouldn't be me. I am thankful for my 2 beautiful little nieces and a lovely nephew (who is on the way). Sisters, brothers and inlaws you are so dear to me.

I am also thankful for all of my "online" friends. One day we might be fortunate enough to meet. Who knows I might move to an area near you in the future. I am glad to know you as I do.

I would like to add that I am thankful to my two wonderful followers. You have made me feel very special. :-)


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Holly. I wanna hear what Chef's secret is!

What's a follower? Am I a follower? I followed you here. :P

Aunt Becky said...

I cannot wait for turkey, dude. Awesome.