Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why she gotta do that for?

Sara tagged me for a work meme. At first I was like HUH? Now I think I get it though so here I go.

I had a paper route in the early 90's that I never saw any money from cause my mom stole it all. Hated that job - wonder why.

Then I worked at the Popeye's that opened in Baumholder Germany my JR of High School.

I worked at the Darien Lake amusment park in the summer of 95 out of Buffalo NY - cute guys and tshirts what more can you ask for. LOL

Shortly after I entered the delayed enlistment program and since I had time to kill I worked at the Golden Corrall in Lawton, OK as a cashier. I walked two miles each way to get there and home cause my mother didn't have transportation.

I joined the Air Force in Oct 95. I was an Airmen for my four years but got out shortly after my oldest was born because daycare was expensive and I didn't want to depol and leave him alone.

Oh then I satrted my own Home Daycare on base. I did that for a couple years until we PCS'd to Turkey.

In Turkey I worked at the Child Development Center (big strech form my previous emploment Had to quit when we PCS'd back to the States in 04.

Once in CO I reopened my home daycare again and have been doing this ever since.

Okay I have no one to tagg since I'm new to all of this and have no clue who reads my blog. :-)