Monday, November 19, 2007

New Ride

Chef came home a few weeks ago saying I needed a new van. Those who know me know about my Purple People eater. The poor baby is old but still runs well ok.

Anyways so every weekend he has been in search of a van. I wanted a Dodge with stow n go and a DVD player. Well he found me a van finally last Saturday. Needless to say it isn't what I wanted but it is nice all the same. I just have to get use to the size of this thing. My husband sure likes big vehicles. It took me a year to get use to driving the truck. Next he'll want to lift the van...ROFL. It's my daughters new home cause she refuses to get out of it anytime we try to come home. It is a pretty Chevy Uplander. Now if you've ever seen a Uplander what I'm about to say will seem pretty normal for you. My nice new family van is a SUV wannabe (or as my friend Nicole says - it's like a SUV *BLEEP* a minivan and they had a baby) a big baby at that. Now my extended family has issues (don't we all) and now for some reason my poor van has an identiy issue as well. As long as I don't name her Sybil or Ellen we're good.

I'm getting off topic though - she is a great ride. So smooth and such a gentle stop. The DVD player is a plus. There's no stow n go but I can live without it - since I never had it in the first place. LOL. She has power doors though and well frankly having 4 doors on a van for me is new. (Did I mention my old baby was a 95 and she only had 3 doors.) It is nice not to have to walk all the way around to let my kids out now.

As my friend Sonya said "It's not a soccer mom van." Very true! Here look for yourself. Sorry the pic is drak it was after 5pm when we got home the other night and I am not silly enough to take pictures again....LOL.

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