Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holiday's

Oh boy - I haven't written much lately. Forgot the lovely post about our adventures in Christmas card picture taking. This year I attempted it on my own. The kids were lazin around (TouZaj was sick) and doing nothing. SO mom forced them into matching PJ's and displayed and configured them my way....nothing natural about our pictures people...LOL JK. I had them pretend to be sleeping...LOL yeah who sleeps with a goofy grin Ch'neu? LOL I don't want to know. Anyways after about 30mins we had enough shots to play with. I quickly got on Kodak.com and played around (meanwhile Ms Stacy was guiding my hand on IM) I think we did a pretty good job. They are not the kids in a Igloo like last year but their pretty darn cute. HEY they are my kids of course they are cute. Say otherwise and you might not be one of the select few to recieve a card.

So mark me up as the coolest mother this year. LOL. As people who know me know I go crazy over the holiday's and my house is an explosion of decorations (none outside though - can't convince DH that he needs to do that...LOL) Well this year I got my kids each of thier own Christmas Tree's to be decorated as they wished in thier bedrooms. Who knew that all day everyday since I'd get Thanked over and over for it. Below are some pictures of my decorations and thier tree's. They are so proud of them and picked out the ornamnets and stuff themselves. They even used toys from thier rooms.

On the outside note - I managed to find two deer at a garage sale in October. I got them for $5.00. Hoped they'd work but didn't hold my breath. Well THEY WORK. So out in my front lawn this year are Mr. and Mrs Deer. How cute is that!