Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I's smart don't you know

I's is very smart. Uh huh. I even have a pretty certificate that tells me so. I have offically earned my Child Development Associate Credential (otherwise known as my CDA)

What is that you might ask. I honestly do not know. Everyone tells me that it is an awesome thing and it'll help me if I choose to stop running my own home business and I'd like to work at a center or preschool. Sort of a degree (more like before you get a degree - like you've been through all the trainings why don't you have a degree...LOL) Most likely reason I don't is I get super anxity just THINKING about going to school again. *shudder* Yes I'm pathetic.

Here's a quote from the letter I received with my certificate.

"CONGRATULATIONS! Enclosed is your Child Development Associate Credential. You should be very proud because your credential is testimony of your demonstrated compentence in working with young children and thier families."

AWE - see I said I's have smarts. I have the papers to prove it. :-) Do you think they say that cause I sent them my hard earned money? Don't answer that!


Sara said...

Congrats, and I tagged you.