Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Too much caffine?

Okay so yesterday I had the bright idea to go to Sonic during "Happy Hour" for some half price drinks between the time I get TouZaj from the bus stop and pick up Ch'neu from chior. Okay so far so good. I even in my smartness take along two sippy cups for the daycare girls as I have experienced the Styrofoam cup vs Straw speal before. Why in the name of all thats Holy would my 1 yr old DCG remove the lid from the sippy cup and proceed to spill her drink on herself? All to get to the ice. (well granted the ice from Sonic is the BOMB). SIGH MAN my new VAN too! Good thing I was smart again and got a clear drink. Ms. Holly 2 pts - Eva 1pt. LOL. Love that girl!

Meanwhile I got myself a lovely Rt 44 Peach Ice Tea. YUM!!!!!!!!!

Well all day long I have been craving a Peppermint White Choc Mocha form Starbucks (yeah I'm not a coffee drinnker but this is to DIE for) and I whined about it to anyone who would listen. Well only one cared enough to give me a fix. LOVE YOU BABE! So shortly after finishing my lovely Rt44 Tea I was sippin away on my "Died and gone to heaven" Mocha........

CAN WE SAY CAFFINE OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I felt woosey and faint for almost an hour. I was non functioning. DAMN I over induldged. But it was OH SO GOOD!