Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay so I happened upon another blog that I so love right now. I was just nicely sitting here waiting on the girls to go to sleep so I could go workout in the other room (another post-yikes) I got pulled in though and as they say the rest is history. http://thepioneerwoman.com/ This blog (which I will shortly add in the column under blogs) is sinful and it's hard to get away from. I only managed because I just have to share. She is a woman married to a Cowboy and they live on a working cattle ranch. Now thats not the sinful part. The sinful part is how she shares her reciepes and make you feel like you have gained 20lbs just reading them (I should be working out now...LOL) and her lovely true love story between her and her Marlboro Man. This story is so much better then half or more of the romance books I find myself reading (um very cheap at the goodwill ok...lol) Anyways I couldn't NOT share with my girls. Hope you find as much pleasure from this blog as I do. Now I am off to workout.


Elisa said...

LOL, I know --- I haven't dared to weigh myself since discovering her!

Party of 5 said...

Yes Elisa you are to blame for this whole new obsession. LOL

Can't wait to try the Best Ever Lasagana and the Best Ever Choc Sheet cake - man oh man - I better learn self control soon.