Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I need a nap

Okay so the weekend was a long one with Monday off and no daycare kids. YEAH! Right? No. T came down with a virus and was out of commision on Sunday - poor baby cause it was a nice day for bike rides and family outings. Instead we stayed home and did nada. Which in itself was nice but my poor baby was sick. Yesterday was back to work and it was pretty easy. Two kids didn't return yet so we had a small group and just played games and went out for a special lunch. So today we're full again. YEAH! Back to normal. Sort of. I have coughers and it's chilly outside. Poor baby's. So we're having another lazy day. I wish they could feel better. Poor little things. It's not about the germs spreading which is enough to make me run but it's seeing them not feeling well. My littlest dck is so sleepy and it's only 8am. Poor baby. I hope I can keep it contained. :-)

Oh did I mention the horror that it is almost Thanksgiving! Hello 1 week away! How'd that happen? Didn't we just have Halloween? Oh boy! Though I won't complain abotu the yummy food. I drool just thinking about it.