Tuesday, October 13, 2009


To start off I wanted to show Chef these bows I made for the Princess yesterday. They were a bribe so she wouldn't be upset about missing her field trip. She's been sick with the flu and running a fever so no school = no field trip.

She loves the Frankenstein on them. (btw How does my 5 yr old know about Frankenstein? LOL)
So Tip Junkie is hosting Talk to me Tuesday where she is having everyone link up to their Halloween crafts and ideas. So head on over there (when you're done here...LOL) for more ideas.

I've seen these blocks all over the blogs and DIY threads on message boards and finally I was roaming through Micheal's the other night with the kids and saw the 2" sq blocks for $.99. Not bad. Add some scrape paper and you have a cute little decoration. All in all I spent less than $4.00 on it. Those of you who have scrapes at home would be able to make it for even less. :-)

(Ghost not included...LOL)

I painted each block black. I added two letters to each block (B & E, K and O...) Than I filled in the other squares with scrapbook paper. *edited to add that YES I know it is suppose to be EEK not EKK....sorry - it was brought to my attention and I did fix my actual blocks. WHEW! How embarrassing....LOL.

That simple. Really MUCH more simple than those stinkin bows were....LOL. ;-)


Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Cute bows, and I love the blocks too!