Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's play ball!

In 20 degree weather no less. Yes I said 20 degree''s OCTOBER for crying out loud. CO skipped Fall this year and went straight to winter. We woke up to icy conditions today but that won't stop a football game. (Guess I better get use to that huh. LOL)

Monkey and Princess were all wrapped up in snow pants, coats and gloves.

Oh yeah their running....running to stay WARM. LOL

Little Man is right there in front of D our quarterback.

Little Man has the BALL! (he is slightly squatted...)

Little Man and D goofing around after another Saints WIN! 20-zip. Only one more game of the season. Let's hope we keep this up for a season shut-out.

Mommy treated the frozen gang to Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.