Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a ZOO out there!

So last Saturday I decided that I should really do something fun and enjoyable for the kids. I packed them up without them knowing and whisked them off to the zoo.

Our zoo allows us to feed crackers to the giraffes although Princess has NEVER done it. She always wants to but when it comes down to it she won't.

They look sweet enough. I do not know what her deal is. :-)

Monkey loves to feed them.

Little Man loves to feed them.

Even with Mommy holding her she is NOT enjoying it. So we talked...finally it was decided that she would feed the BABY. Okay - so we went off to find the baby.


I've decided that the baby was okay ONLY because it was "behind" bars. LOL

Even taking a picture too close to the fence was nerve racking for her.

So if we're not happy feeding giraffe's - how about birds?

He caught one right away. The last time we came we could not catch any of the birds.

WOW We have TWO.

I caught this bird but switched the stick to her hand. She was NOT happy about it. She was so nervous at first. You can tell that is her OMG smile.

MOTHER! Take this stick BACK!

I don't understand why you keep forcing these birds on me! I'm going to need therapy! Where's Ms Sonya - she'd understand!