Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halfway Homemade - Halloween edition

So tomorrow is the Halloween parade and celebration at the kids school and being the over achieving (read insane) mom I am I had to make them some treats to share with their classes. Now I intended to only do these for Princess's K class but being who he is Little Man gave me that "look". All of us mom's know the one I'm talking about.

Now this treat is SUPER simple. Took 20 mins and cost under $10 for get this - 85 treats! Yes, I said 85 and yes, I only have 3 kids. Little Man has a grand total of 35 kids in his class while Monkey and Princess round off at about 25 each.

Now the halfway homemade part....those rice crispy treats? They are store bought. Oh yeah I'm not THAT insane! :-) I grabbed 2 boxes of 12 each from Walmart for a whopping $3 a piece. Cut them into 4th's and there I have nice child size treats. (I'm not one to sugar them up "too much")

I melted and drizzled white chocolate across the MANY rows of treats and sprinkled with Halloween colored sprinkles for a holiday touch.

Did I mention the ROWS of treats? Yeah? Okay - as long as your still with me.

These babies are still hardening in my kitchen (aren't I sweet to share right away) and then I will package them up for the kiddo's to lug in tomorrow. Along with their costumes. Oh what fun! I'm dressing up too!