Friday, January 23, 2009

Where will YOU be???

On March 21st.

*I* will be watching Twilight, over and over and over....until Chef loses his mind or kicks me out of the living room. (Shoot he better be nice he might get lucky...LOL)

Twilight will be released on DVD March 21st. Get your running shoes on. LOL

You can also pre order from Amazon and

Don't say I never share....LOL.


StacyRenee said...

Hun I wish I could tell what I was doing tomorrow. This last minute schedule thing has my head hurting. I know I will be thinking of you and Sara when the movie hits the shelf though :) Dont get stampeded getting your copy!!!! (or copies seeing as how I know you will wear out the first one on release day!!!) MUAH

I loves and misses you all bunches