Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So cute and tiny....

So I've been wanting a set of Ikea children's plates and bowls. They look so cute and colorful online and would be PERFECT for daycare. Unfortunally I don't have an Ikea nearby (or even in this state) so I have to wait for my friend Sara to go to Europe or ask my May 04 mommy friend (she works there - LOVE IT) to grab me some (shoot their $2.00 a set not bad). I don't do well with waiting....(a fault of mine - I can admit that). Well lucky ducky I found someone selling a set of plates and bowls on craigslist for $3.00. Off I sent Chef to do my bidding (okay I begged him to run to the other side of town for them...LOL).

OMG they are SO TINY. Like I didn't realize (which I would of if I thought for a moment and actually read the measurements or took a sec to realize that Ikea would have EUROPEAN items (they have smaller stuff man - hence why they are skinney and I am fat (another post)))). LOL. Okay so like I said - they are TINY. Too cute but still so tiny. Hmmmm will this work I thought to myself? Well maybe for daycare but not for my kids. (like the bowl will hold 5 honeycombs and well my son's are almost 10 and 8 - -yeah okay not working for them)

So I'm thinking this will help the daycare kids to portion control and not waste a ton of food (they plate themselves) and it's - well it's too CUTE to not use. LOL

Here I took a pic.

Okay in that pic is a SMALL roll and a half of an apple on that plate...see TINY! LOL The bowl is holding a 1/2 cup of lettuce...LOL. (That's a cup from Tupperware not Ikea - I'm slightly wondering about the actual size of the matching Ikea cups but I'll have to wait...LOL)

Isn't it CUTE though? LOL I love JUST LOVE the vibrant colors though. I have green, orange, yellow, blue, teal and pink.

I'm thinking I need more but we'll see. I have a shout out to my May mommy and just waiting to see if she is comfortable with shipping to me (Ikea doesn't sell them online - they SHOW THEM but don't sell them online - why????) or have to wait for Sara to leave the country and get me some. LOL

**just a side note - CO will be getting an Ikea in 09-10....sometime...LOL.


Anonymous said...

Those are ever so adorable! I love tiny little dishes! That is, until I have to use them, but still.

Cute is cute. And that tips the scales in their favor, I think.