Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Sleepover

So Princess and *Z* have been trying to have a sleepover for months now. Finally it was Sara and Paulo's Anniversary so I said that she needed to drop the girl's off for the night (yes I am "that" friend - the awesome know it. LOL)

Needless to say that Princess and *Z* were excited beyond belief and couldn't wait for Saturday to get here. When I told Princess that *Z* and *z* were on their way over she said "TONIGHT!" LOL

div>Here are our adventures in pictures. (I love how pictures seem to tell the story for me)

They were all great. I woke up on Sunday to 3 little girl's giggles. It was cute. Considering it was my birthday it wasn't annoying either. LOL They left with *Z* saying "Princess has to sleep over tonight!" Um not yet....LOL.


Sara said...

And she still won't shut up about it! And her nails are chipping, you better fix them!

Anonymous said...

Too. Freaking. CUTE. :-)