Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"The Switcheroo"

So I got this hair brain idea to switch Monkey and Princesses bedrooms. I mean seriously - she is a 4 yr old little girl with a TON of little girl toys that are big. Monkey is almost 8 (Friday) and his toys are smaller and don't need as much room. Now he started out in the bigger room when the boys were sharing otherwise I would of put Princess there originally. Two years ago Little Man got his own room and they've all been seperated since. SOOOO back to my idea. This came to me on Tuesday, Dec 23rd. Like I mean - I have the complusion to get it done and get it done now. Anyone who knows me knows that this is normal - for me anyways. LOL So Chef said no. LOL Then I talked to Sara (she is such a bad influance) during which I realized that it makes sense on so many levels. 1. Princess has bigger stuff and as is her tiny room is double packed and you can't get to any of the toys. 2. Princess gets nosebleeds and usually they are brought on by being too hot. The bigger room stays cooler at all times (since the builders suck and didn't run the heat to it). Good reasons! Yes? LOL Works for me. So Chef said that he wasn't helping me. I said fine. I just need you to move her TV anyways - everything else I'll do. Do it - I did. Christmas Eve morning before we were to have a house full of guests for dinner. Yes, I love to stress myself out.

The before's don't really show how little room Princess had in that tiny room cause I didn't take pics of it right before the move. Opps. But just imagine everything that is in the after pictures was IN that tiny room.

So without further adu:
Princess Before: (That stuff animal hammock IS in the new room - just forgot a pic of it. It is above her bed. Luckly we still had the previous hooks there from when Monkey had one in his room (forever ago) LOL)

Princesses After room: There so much more space that she can actually play, have her little table and chair set in there (it was downstairs before) and that shelf with the books on it was in there when Monkey was in that room...they are my books for daycare and I hope to get her a cute white bookcase to put them on soon. For now this works though.

Monkey's room before: He had a ton of space in there and often there were toys everywhere cause really with THAT much space WHY clean up. ERG LOL

Monkey's After: There are still some holes in the wall that I need to patch up and I want to switch his shelf with bins for something "older" (maybe a bookcase and an under the bed box).

So I know the pics don't do it justice. I so should of taken better before pics but the kids started moving everything when I was in the shower. (Think I rubbed off on them?) Did you catch how with ease I switched the curtains? Yes they have two different types of windows in the rooms. Thankfully I used the handy dandy curtian clips and flat sheets for their curtains. Made switching them easy - just had to refold them and clip. Easy peasy.


Love Kpop said...

I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change