Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm here I'm here. SO I have been off since Christmas. Which has been great and I have taken advantage of it and was MAJORLY lazy. SO therefore this week will be bombared with multiple posts from Christmas, my adventure of switching kids bedrooms (on Christmas Eve no less) and the Birthday of my middle baby. Not to mention yesterday was MY birthday and well I didn't do ANYTHING, not even the laundry. Good thing the boys are home this week and can get theirs done today. LOL

*sigh* I'm back at work today though. Fun Stuff!

PS How do you like the new background? It's temp don't worry....LOL Just a little shout out for my fav books. LOL I'll be changing it at some point when I find something. I just LOVE The Cutest Blog on the Block site for blog backgrounds.