Tuesday, December 23, 2008

la la la la la

Little Man is in the 4th grade now and he wanted to be in the band so bad. (They get to practice during special's) I said that was fine as long as he could borrow the intrument (I just couldn't swing the rental this year). So between him and the instructor he came home with the Trombone. Now those of you that know Little Man know that this instrument is HUGE compared to him.

On Dec 10th they held a Holiday concert and he got to show off his skills. Here he is before the performance. Isn't he handsome. (not a ? as you can tell but a statement from his mama)

I said it was big. LOL Below he is warming up and getting ready to dazzle us all with his skills.
(*SIGH* When did he get so big?)

Here they are during the performance.

He is right there. See him? Good. :-)