Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Princess and her cat.

So you remember this picture from yesterday and I promised you that there was more to the story. Well there is. See Princess is actually terrified in this picture. Liea (the cat) not so much as you can see. Since rearranging the living room to make room for our tree Liea has taken it upon herself to regularly attack Princess anytime she walks by the living room. This night was no exception. Princess and I were busy doing different things and everytime she walked by the couch Liea would spring from the other side.
Finally we sat down to watch "Charlie Brown Christmas" on ABC and Liea kept climbing into the Princesses lap to cuddle and Princess would get all nervous and cringe so I would nudge Leia off of her. (Who can blame Princess right - I'd avoid her too at this point). I had nudged her away no less then 5 times in 3 mins when finally Princess laid down and Leia tried one more time. I just told Princess "To be calm and she just wants to cuddle now." So she tried and Leia made herself at home. The look of pure terror on my daughters face sent me rushing for the camera (as if any of YOU would do anything differently...LOL). Of course you can't tell from the picture but Princess was NOT happy about the cuddling. She see's a camera now a days and she has to smile. It's like a rule or something. (I don't think she can get her arm any farther away from the cat if she tried.) LOL


Nicole said...

Cats are so funny like that! Ours in the same way except the kids are not terrified of it! They welcome the confrontation with the cat, they think it is funny?! go figure.

Party of 5 said...

It's not that she is generally afraid of her it was just that night she had enough of the cat going after her. LOL They are usually fine. I can't blame Princess though considering the cat has claws. LOL