Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deck the halls.....

I joined in with TipJunkies Virtual Tour of Homes. I enjoyed visiting all of the homes and already have so many ideas in my head for next year. Money keeps me from doing them this year. (Lucky for Chef LOL)

Welcome to the Party of Five addition of Deck the halls. I know I said that the tree would be up on Monday but life got away from me. Forgive me. Now let us get started.

First stop is our lovely tree in the living room. Most everything on here is homemade, bought for our children or snowmen (which is in memory of my Grandmother and now the decoration of choice when we buy our yearly family ornamnet.) Even the garland is homemade.

Next are the stockings..... (keep those hands OFF of the tree - no one said you can have a candy cane. Put it back.)

Now we're on our way upstairs (I SAID PUT IT BACK.) First stop is Little Man's room and his very own tree. Isn't it cute? Even if it does lean a little. ;-)

Up close shot of his little woodland creatures ornament.

Moving right along now. Here we are in Monkey's room.

Up close shot of one of his handmande ornaments. (yes he made it)

BEEP BEEP. To round off our tour we'll stop off in the Princesses room. (Santa had a little too much sip sip huh)

Another up close shot. This time of Hello Kitty.
This concludes our tour of Decking the Halls. There IS more to see but those can be saved for a later date as they are still under construction. Now thank you for stopping by and I will see you later. (HEY didn't I tell you to put that candy cane back? HEY! Come back here! Why I oughta....)


Tori said...

This post made me smile! Great commentary...I totally hear ya about those lil monkey--I mean adorable kids. :-) Between me and my best friend, we've got a WHOLE bunch of them.

Nice blog!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude! Too cute! I need to decorate badly. And I am NOT putting it back.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Popping over from Tip Junkie. I love that your kids all have their own trees. That reminded me of my Mom. She always used to let me have my own tree and decorated it however I liked. I'd forgotten about that.