Friday, March 7, 2008

Inspiration Calling....

I stumbled across another blog that I think will be one of my many visited. LOL. It's The Nesting Place. She has many quick and easy ideas for home decorating. Some of it isn't me but I love the ideas. It has inspired me to share my son's bedroom curtains. LOL. Now I didn't take pictures of the progress but I have pics of the finished products for you.

My YDS has a CARs themed room (which btw I know I have to update as he is now 7 -ghoss give me a break will you).

I don't put the flat sheets on the beds as they just come off and are a PITA to replace everytime you make the bed - when you make the bed - if you EVER make your bed...LOL. So I took said Flat sheet and made the CAR's curtain. Now we're in base housing and the windows in the boys rooms are funky windows that I am NOT taking ten years to make great curtains when we'll just MOVE again and then they wouldn't fit.

The windows are such that they are WIDE but short. So I took the flat sheet and folded it in half. It was perfect then. Even had a backing so it would let less light in (great for my early riser - if the sun is peeking out then Monkey is awake). I then just hemmed (cause I got this great new sewing machine in 2006 that I rarley ever have the chance to use) a seam to thread the cheap rod through. There you go a simple and cheap custom made kids themed curtain.

Now when you hang it up don't be alarmed that one side seems "upside down". It is! Just put it to the outside window. Who cares if your nosey neighbors wonder why Lighting McQueen is upside down. It'll just add to the strange thoughts they already have about you.

Luckly for me his room is on the 2nd floor and from outside on the sidewalk you can't really tell...LOL.

Now on to my ODS's room. It's the PACKER'S PEOPLE. OH and AWE at will please. LOL (Don't bring up my baby retiring - I'm still all choked up about it)

Now his window is the same as the other one. So you are already familiar with that part. I stepped it up a notch (LOVE Emeril) though and added......drum roll please.....A PILLOW CASE! ROFL I am a dork but you'll learn to love it or get over it. Not my problem.

How did I add the pillow case you ask? Oh you ask why - sorry I got confused...LOL.

I added it because we had an extra one and since his curtain/sheets were white striped they wouldn't offer too much protection/coverage against light. Not that the pillow case covers more but darnit I wanted to add it so THERE.

Now how.... after sewing the seam for the rod I just added the pillow case (I centered it on the curtain and pinned) then I just ran a stich acroos the top to secure and removed the pins (cause we all know my 9 yr old WILL go after the pins to poke his brother with)

Here it is.

Since I'm newly inspired and I have 3 kids and my daughter has been left out of the window treatment club....LOL I will do her window this weekend. She has a normal window so it'll be different. I'm half tempted use my inspiration form the Nesting Place to try something different with her window (though I'm still using her flat sheet...LOL) Keep tuned and you shall see.

I also frequent the Bargin Board on Babycenter and those ladies have inspired me to try something fun in MY bedroom (been wanting to update it for awhile now) - might give that a go this weekend as well.


Sara said...

A. That is the most fantastic idea for curtains I've seen in a long time, and is there a reason you didn't post this a week ago? Slacker!

2. Awesome! I had another thought, and I totally lost it. It's a genetic (blonde) flaw!

Holly said...

Well if we're being technical I should of posted it a year ago when I made them. Alas I wasn't blogging a year ago though...LOL.

Rachel and Jacob said...

I found you from the UB party, I was caring for five little boys in a foster facility and we used those "Cars" sheets for all the boys and as curtains as well... how clever , right??