Monday, March 24, 2008


Below I talked about redoing my middle child's room. Well it is finally finished. We had to wait on his START to come in from Lakeside. So funny cause yesterday we put it together as is and so all I had to do was run up and add the STAR when it arrived. Needless to say he is happy with his "older" room and it didn't cost me much to change up. Which then makes Daddy happy. LOL



Before: (see here I just folded a flat sheet in half and slip stiched a rod pocket across the top - threw a cheap white rod up and there you have it)

After: (upon meeting the BBC crew...LOL - this time I folded it in 3rd's and cliped it at the top (with ends together) and slipped the rings on the cheap white rod (eventually we'll get a nicer one). To me this way looks much neater - so I'm sure I'll be changing up ODS's curtains soon...LOL) On and I realize the curtain is a "tad" short but I figure once we get a new rod we'll arrange it lower then the currant one so it'll all work out in the end.

Close up on the stripes of the "curtains" and sheets. Fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it on Such beauty and classic lines.



He also had a CAR's bathrug in there that I removed and a trash can he'll keep in there for now.


Elisa said...

Looks nice and neat! Do ya'll rent? Is that why you can't just tack them to the wall like the Nester?

I love that idea btw b/c curtain rods are ridiculous. Do you live near a Big Lots? They had some fancy rods that were less than $10.

Party of 5 said...

Good Idea - I'll have to check them out. We're in military housing. We could slap them up ther ebut I want to be able to move them if I need to. Like in the summer he'll have a AC in his window .