Monday, February 25, 2008


So last night I was searching around online for some activities to do this week for Dr Suess's brithday (Mar 2nd) and I happened upon this wonderful oh so true quote.

"Art is not a receipt for child care." - Lisa Murphy

HOW TRUE! I've stressed to my families that the young children in my care are learning "through" thier play. They don't seem to be satisfied with this and I'll get off handed comments like "We're thinking of putting him in preschool." or "What do they DO all day?" Um sorry thier "working", "learning" and "building thier young minds." I have never had a child NOT be ready for Kindergarten.

Now I should note that none of my current families have implied this. At least to my knowledge. LOL Besides I've spoken to them all about how we play games and interact more then doing art. Now when we get on an art kick then we're spitting them out like crazy. Especially during Holiday's or special occaisions.

Maybe our working class now a days would be better for it if they spent time in a child care learning to share, how to follow simple rules, speaking nicely to our friends and respecting each others personal space.

So I'll say it again. "Art is not a receipt for child care." - Lisa Murphy