Monday, March 24, 2008

Table update.

So we're still waiting on the table to be completed. First let me tell you a little story about the said table. It has been a PITA project. Chef has been totally negative and ugly since the thing began. It got to the point that after mulitple tries to get the stain on I called in reinforcements. IE; SARA! Let me tell you now this girl and I spent a good 30-40mins "faking" a stain finish on the freaking thing. I must say it looks great now though. So Sara - you SAVED my marriage. LOL

Then again Sara hates me now though. Why you ask? Cause she left my house brown. Her hands were completely covered in brown stain (yeah we weren't thinking clearly and didn't put on gloves - which btw being a home daycare provider I have plenty of -DUH!) Anyhoo Sara is so fair and light that we were afraid she'd never come clean. I believe she has since soaked in acid and is now clean...okay not acid persay but she is clean. LOL

Anyways our sealant is giving us issues now (always something) but we should be able to do a big reveal soon OR you can drive by next Tuesday and see if it is out on the curb for trash cause I just bought a new one...LOL.


Elisa said...

That darn BH thread is making me crazy, too! I'm so motivated to decorate and re-do stuff. Post some pics of this table!

Sara said...

I am glad I could save your marriage! Hubby just wanted to know where I had gotten so dirty! I do believe my hands have recovered from the experience, and I really thought acid was going to be my only hope of same-colored skin ever again!