Monday, March 10, 2008

The Princess's Curtains

Here is the before picture. Nice and boring if you ask me. LOL.

Honestly all I did it take the flat sheet from her bedding set and ironed the wrinkles out. I then used the "technical" bottom of the sheet as the top (with hers it didn't matter since it was all flowers). I folded it over about 10inches (give or take) and ironed it down. I then clipped two of the rings to each end. Then I folded the sheet length wise and lined up 4 more rings and clipped them on. After Daddy so lovingly (if you call cursing and yelling at the rod) installed the new rod The Princess picked out I placed the rings on the rod and he slapped it up there. Really he did. The curtain goes all the way to the floor. Here is how it looks now.

Thanks to our lovely military housing we couldn't get the rod up completely. There is another flower for the other end but it wouldn't fit so we left it off.

We were at Lowe's on Sat (so I could get the rings) and saw adorable girly rods. The Princess wanted the pink butterfly but I liked the purple flower better. I talked her into getting it. WHEW thank goodness I did though. I forgot what her sheet looked like and THERE'S NO PINK in it...LOL.


Sara said...

Fantastic job!