Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our weekend adventure....

LOL well yesterday I woke up with this great idea that we'd travel to Denver to go to the Bass Pro Shop so Chef could use his GC. So off to Gymnastics we went....

Then it was off to Denver. Did I mention that mapquest got us lost and had us go West instead of East? We ended up in Avadara (something or other...LOL). So we backtrack and end up finding the Bass Pro Shop. Needless to say Chef was in HEAVEN...LOL. Afterwards we hit the rode again to go to the Lakeshore store about 20mins from the BPS. The Princess was mad at me for not turning the video back on and fell asleep this way. LOL

No longer mad at me at dinner. LOL

This is today in the dress she HAD to have at Old Navy.

Today while at Walmart we were looking at the Vday cards for the boys to get for school. The Princess and Chef walked off and shortly came back with a cute stuffed frog. Then Princess proudly proclaims - "This is for Bari!" I wasn't going to argue with that alright. LOL Once we got home she pestered me for 2 hrs to go over there and give it to him. Wouldn't THINK of waiting until Thursday. Silly girl. So right after her and Chef finished making her cards for her daycare friends they were off to Bari's house. Awe aren't they adorable in thier young embarassment. hehe.


onegoddess said...

OMG! They are so adorable..its so funny how excited they get to see each other...then really shy cute! I love it!