Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Talk about impulse....

Well I'm not one to walk around with my daughter's hair all crazy so needless to say when it started looked as if someone took nail clippers to it in random places (translation - hair breaking off) I thought to myself - We should get it cut. I didn't want to cut it. Although it would look SO MUCH BETTER if I'd just do it. So we talked about it for a bit this afternoon and then.....went and had it cut.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Thats me crying by the way.)

She enjoyed it and the stylist said she could come and sit in her chair anytime. AWEEE

Here's my baby!

Now I need to find a great shampoo that'll make it stronger and thicker.


Sam said...

oh that is the cutest little bob ever. She is darling.

Sara said...

Too cute! I know what salon that is, are they nice? I have been contemplating Zee getting a trim for a while.

Holly said...

Yes they are nice - she was great with Lia. Lia was being shy at first but it didn't last long. She loves being pampered.