Saturday, February 23, 2008

See they CAN be good....LOL

Can't believe I forgot to share this. I so have to put this somehwere for rememberance. So I'm able to check back on those days where they are driving me bonkers. LOL

This was 2wks ago....
While lost in Denver (thanks mapquest) we stopped to feed the animals - I mean the kids. While eating an older lady approaches. I'm like ut oh but she looks nice enough. LOL. This is the convo....

Older Lady - " I am a school teacher and I just wanted to come over and tell you kids that I think it is very nice to see young children so well behaved while eating out.
Monkey - " Wellllll
Me - " Say Thank you Monkey"
M - "Thank you"
Little Man and The Princess - "Thank you"
OL - "Your very welcome."
Monkey - "We're students."
OL - "You are - where do you go to school"
Monkey - "McAuliffe Elementary"
OL - " I bet you are wonderful students."
Monkey - "I'm very good but Little Man isn't so good."
OL -"We're not always perfect"
Princess - "I don't go to school."
OL - "I bet you will soon sweetie."
Princess - "Yes when I'm bigger like TooZaa (Monkey)"
OL - "It was nice talking to you all"
Me - "Thank you again"

Then I went on to explain to the boys that people do notice when they are behaving in public.