Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was visiting another blog today. She has posted her wedding photo. Oh how beautiful she was (she still is). She mentioned soemthing that I think about often. What happened to that "in love" feeling we all had on our wedding days? I LOVE my husband and can't imagine my life without him in it. At the same time though he annoys me like no one else can. He can make me so angry that I just want to beat the crud out of him. Why's he do this? How come the one person I adore (on good days) can also be the one person I want to stab with a butter knife. LOL. (everything said in jest I assure you) I miss that tingling feeling I would always get in anticipation of seeing him. I still would rather be with him then anyone else. As you get older do we just not get those feelings anymore? There was a time when I'd anticipate his coming home with excitement and happines. Now I'm happy cause once he is home he can take care of the kids. LOL. I will say it's not always because of the kids - have you ever had my husbands cooking! LOL I joke seriously. I still love and want him home. Like I said previously I'd rather be with him then anyone else - even if it means taking the kids to the store with us when all I wanna do is run away from their bickering and whining. (another post later about how I really DO love and adore my children) Recently on a trip to Wisconsin my new SIL made a comment about how we're in love still. Are we? I guess we were relaxed the kids were being taken care of by thier Aunts and Uncles and Chef and I were able to walk around and enjoy things. She loved that we held hands and stayed with each other when we were all at the zoo. Maybe it means there's hope. When the kids are older and more independent - maybe then we'll have more time for each other to get back to being in love.

The below photos are scanned and not the best quality.

For good measure and to carry on the theme - a picture from our wedding day.

One of my fav photos of us taken in 98 while visiting his family in Wisconsin. We are wearing traditional Hmong clothes.

Recent photo taken at the 07 CE Holiday Party.