Monday, January 14, 2008

The Princess's Angel

On Saturday we were driving around town when The Princess started talking about her angel. This is the converstation.

Princess - "Abigail is my angel."
Me - "What?"
Princess - "Abigail is my angel."
Me - "Yes hon she is" (I look at Chef?)
Princess - "Little Man is not my angel, Monkey is not my angel, Amaya is not my angel..."
Me - just listening to her...
Princess - Eva is not my angel, Emily is not my angel, Alaina is not my angel...
Me - still just listening...
Princess - "Thier my Freenzs but not my angel. Abigail is my angel."
Me - "Yes dear she is.

Sunday night we're sitting in the living room. I just braided The Princess's hair for bed and she'd dancing around.
Me - "Your cute."
Princess - " I look like Abigail"
Me - "Yes you probably do"
She smiles and dances around.

A touch of background for those who might not know. Abigail is our daughter who passed as a newborn before Princess was born. We think about her often but don't always talk about her. To have Princess bring her up out of the blue two days in a row is amazing to us. Sisters and angels.


Elisa said...

Oh now I know where i know you from! May 04! I remember the names.

That is very sweet. I believe in angels.

Sam said...

that brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet little girl you have, and the fact that her sister is watching from heaven warms my heart.