Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting a edumacation.....oh yeah!

LOL Well after years of anixety and no plans I have enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) to begin my journey in the higher learning relam for my Director's Certificate in ECE (Early Childhood Education). Isn't my mommy proud of me!

This whole thing started last week with me running aorund like a chicken with my head cut off to get as much done as I can while off before classes start on the 14th. YeahI sai dthe 14th and yeah talk about wiating til the last minute huh. Actually it hasn't been all that bad. I have met with some great people who basically walked me through it and I am on my way.

Today I tested at the Pikes Peak Workforce center (PPWF). They are the people who hopefully will give me a grant to pay for this endeavor. (sp no one said spelling is my strong suit) I had to score at the 9th grade level. Well I did WAHOO...LOL. I scored past 12th in reading and everday mathamatics and a tad lower in the other matahmatics section. (opps I don't know my fractions - sorry Mr Dougan.) The scores don't matter though cause I scored above thier cut off so it's all good. What do you people except for a 31 yr old who's taught preschoolers for the last 8 yrs....last I checked they weren't doing fractions....LOL.

Friday I will take my placement test for the PPCC. Next Tuesday I meet with my advisor to get my training plan filled out and then off back to the PPWF to (hopefully) get my Grant Voucher signed. Then off to my first college bookstore (I don't think looking around the WI Badgers in Madison WI's bookstore it a hunch.)

My classes are online and start on Monday 14 Jan. I'm currently enrolled in Intro to ECE and Curriculum Development. Yeah me! :-)

After I earn my Director's Certificate I'll continue on to my Associate's degree in ECE hopefully. Starting here cause the Grant is for people to earn something by the time the grant period is over and I can earn my DC in that time.