Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day craft

I actually did this craft last year for Mother's Day with the daycare kids but a friend reminded me that it would be a great Valentine's Day craft also. So I figured that I would share. Aren't I nice. (Don't answer that)

So start with a beautiful subject (that's Princess) and have them hold the fake flower you're giving. Take a pic of the child holding the flower.

Then I printed the pic as a 8x10 on reg paper (I'm cheap thats why...LOL) I think glued the picture onto a piece of construction paper (to make it stiff for the flower). I sliced a tiny hole above and below her hand holding the flower. Finally you insert the flower and there you go.

Cute huh!



Anonymous said...

Way cute!

Anonymous said...

It is way cute! She's such a doll!

Mike N Pam Casanova said...

What did you use to make the holes? I'm going to use this for Mother's Day in my Kindergarten class. :)