Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Okay so yesterday we were out and about. Took the kids to see Hotel for Dogs (cute btw) and lunch. Then Monkey asked to go to Walmart and I said okay cause they all needed to pick out valentine's anyways. So off we went.

So we get through Walmart relatively quick (for us..LOL) and hop into the 20items or less line. We're being rung up when the cashier say "This doesn't have a tag." "Oh no - I'm sorry." I reply as I wait for her to finish. Then she hits total....without finding out the price of the item without a tag. She looks at me for the payment. I say "I still want this." "Oh um okay" is her reply. She keeps LOOKING at me. I am starting to think WTF here. So I look back. Finally she says "Where was this?" and I reply that it was by the Valentine's Day stuff (it was Princess's gift for Ms Wonderful). So stomping off she goes.

I mean seriously? She just assumed that I would no longer want it because there was no price on it? That is not my fault and no it is not MY responsiblity to go looking for a price either. Excuse me but why do you have those handy dandy call buttons?

Stupid people annoy me.