Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 minute makeover cont....

I was so inspired by Nesters 10 minute makeovers that I am currently on a kick of changing things around the house. First up is the downstairs bathroom. As many know I have a Home Daycare. Well after breakfast we brush our teeth and for the longest I had these cute little suction style cups on my mirror that held their toothbrushes. It was unsightly to say the least. All of the kids are older now and it's time for our environment to reflect that. This is still a home after all. :-)

After going through some of the blogs listed at Nester's 10min makeover party I saw one that sparked an idea in my head. This is what followed.

As you can see the drawers in this bathroom are TINY. Nothing fits. Not to mention since little hands will be in them nothing "keep out of reach of children" (ie anything) can be kept in them. For the longest all I had in them were bibs and Princesses tights (which are now upstairs).

See how tiny. Not much room huh?

I lined it with some of that handy drawer liner.
Chef "built" this cute little tray for me that has five slots for toothbrushes for the daycare kids.

Don't they look cute in there?

With what was left we built a tray for the other drawer for our kids toothbrushes as well.

I would of make a spot for the toothpaste as well but that is one of those "keep out of reach of children" items. LOL


fairyflutters said...

Very cute. Our vanity in the bathroom doesn't have drawers but I wish it did so I could keep toothbrushes out of sight. Cate loves to play w/ hers. Ugh. Oh, and I totally get it on the toothpaste. Not something I live w/in their reach.

Sara said...

As much as those tiny drawers SUCK, I do miss them. Heck, at this point I'd be happy with ANY storage in my downstairs bathroom!

And those trays are adorable!

thefaeryinn said...

Way cute. :-)