Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whew we're here!

So Chef waited until the last minute to get us a campsite. Typical huh. Labor day weekend and HELLO I know there is no way we'll find a site and we will have 3 ticked off kids. UGH! We got lucky though and some cancelled at 11Mile. Off we went hoping to beat everyone there who might be trying to snag a last minute site.

WHEW! We got it! An awesome site at that. We had room for 4 tents if wanted but of course we were alone this time...

or were we. While I put together a snack for the kiddos (and me I was famished) and Chef ran down to grab some wood for the fire later on I had a couple vistor's. They said the campsite was thiers and they had already set up thier tent. (Did you see a tent in that first pic? Well of course not cause there isn't one....oh wait it's WAY up in the rocks off to the left of that pic. I had no idea it was with this site - there are sites all over) So they rush down to meet Chef at the reservation office. Nope sorry the site is ours.

See this couple failed to place thier permit in the handy dandy little site marker and the Ranger assumed it was available and gave it to us. Well so now it's ours (good thing since we were ALL set up by this time - we had been there 2 hours) but they were nice and found another location for the other couple. (btw - our site was better - they had no rocks or tree's on thier new site - shhh)