Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember...

Seven years ago I was on a walk with 3 young kids (the boys and a daycare kid) when Chef drove up in the CE truck. "The twin towers were hit by a plane." he says "Really??" is my reply. Little did I know. Soon after we arrived back home. I turned on the tv.

*I stood there in disbelief.*

I couldn't fathum what this meant. What is going on? Why are so many gone. What will happen now? I am sure ALL of us thought and felt this way. I held my 9mth old son in my arms. I watched my 2 yr old playing in the playroom with his 2 yr old friend. What will happen to my family? We're military as many of you know. I had visions of my husband leaving.

That hasn't happened so far. I have watched too many friends husbands leave. I have sat with them while we waited for them to return home. Safe. Sound. Whole. I am thankful for them. I rejoice when they come home. I see too many who do not. I ache for them.

Do I think the war is pointless? No, I am a military wife and veteran. This war was coming. You only have to think about today to know. We are doing the right thing.

I will never forget!


Anonymous said...

Are we really? Seems like a whole lot more deaths for a war that seems mostly about oil.

I don't get it. Then again, I'm not military and I don't watch the news that often.

Random, on this day 7 yrs ago I was taking care of my grandmother and my aunt called to tell us to turn on the TV. I thought it was a movie! It took me a bit to realize that really happened HERE.

Party of 5 said...

It might "seem" like that now but no this war had nothing to do with oil. We were attacked by terrorist who we KNEW were capable of doing something like this. I don't understand why we didn't take care of the "problem" many years ago. (Would of avoided the whole Sept 11th tradegy if you ask me) Those deaths are heroic deaths. They fought to protect the innocent who couldn't protect themselves from an evil man. A man who wouldn't stop from breeding more evil and destruction. Then brought it to our lands.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well I didn't know all that. Hmm. I guess you mean SH, right?

Yeah. I think you do.

Well, still, why do we stay around to rebuild the shit? Who cares? I think it's time to come home.

Party of 5 said...

Probably because we don't wreck havic all over then leave them to flounder.

Know how it is when you walk out of a room and your kids go nuts in it? It's usually because in their eyes there are no more rules and boundries because an adult isn't present anymore. It's the same for these people. They have been so controlled and brain washed they do not know HOW to do for themselves. It would be inhuman for us to leave too soon. We could half less there but probably not come fully out. Got to remember we stayed to rebuild Europe and we still have bases/posts all over there.

StacyRenee said...

We are not staying around to "rebuild" we are teaching these people to defend themselves from the same people who attacked us. This war has nothing to do with oil. We are paying out the butt for oil because we (the US) are not a member of OPEC, they are the ones who set the gas prices. Thats like saying the war is rasing the price for electricity! I hate when people act like they know WHY things are the way they are but refuse to understand and learn the facts Is it realy easier to sit around and blame our Government for everything. What happend to getting involved in your community and neighboorhood. What happened to being informed on the truth. I KNOW the war is not easy but I stand behind it 100%. Those are OUR people over there DEFENDING YOUR way of life. Give them a little support is not to much to ask.
Thank you & Chef for your service.