Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The previous blog.

DC Mom is wonderful but has things going on. Lets just leave it as the "ex" is not okay.

I talked her and got more on the reasons why. It's not me AT ALL. She knows this is a better place for her and she wants to keep her here but can't.

I feel better.

I also feel sad that she has to deal with this.


fairyflutters said...

Aww, well at least you know it's not you now. :)

Nicole said...

I found your blog on momdot.com and I'm happy I did. We have alot in common. I'm married to an Airman as well, and I ran a FCC home until the end of last school year. I CAN SOOO Relate to what you're talking about.

I'm starting a new blog called The Mommy Vine www.mommy-vine.com can I add you to my blog roll?


Sara said...

I knew it wasn't you. Sucky stuff for everyone involved though. :(

StacyRenee said...

I hope everything works out in the end. Would have been nice to know up front of all the issues. At least then you could have been prepared