Saturday, September 6, 2008

Letting sleeping dogs lie...

In case you miss it. I have posted a million blogs tonight (okay 6) to share all of these wonderful camping pics that I promised you. Here are the links to the previous ones...

camping 1
camping 2
camping 3
camping 4
camping 5

So the kids couldn't wait to get to bed Friday night. We soon found out though that it was COLD at night. Princess ended up in bed with Chef and I. In fact it was so cold I couldn't sleep unless Chef was in bed (he went night fishing). I would sleep between Princess and Chef (they were both toasty warm all night).

On Saturday I had taken Princess down to take a shower and then Chef and the boys left. I couldn't leave the fire to put her to bed so this is where she went to sleep.

Ramsey Donner - our puppy...LOL okay so he isn't a puppy he will be 9yrs old on Christmas. That's 63 dog years. Can't tell can you. Nah neither can we.

Although he acted like a typical old man in the water. He wouldn't go any farther then here. Molly, the golden lab friend he made, was 9 (63) as well and she out swam him like crazy. Guess he didn't want to get his tail wet. Vain boy.


Sara said...

Ramsey's so sweet! He needs to give Tate some lessons!