Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My Monkey being...a monkey. This is why I love this kid. Earlier this summer he asked me why does he always end up hurt in some way (scratches, bruises, etc.). Um kid.....THIS would be why (and Ms R...he friend/girlfriend).

The Princess started gymnastics again (along with Monkey). THIS is why. She's taking after her brother and is not afraid to do ANYTHING. I've got pictures of her trying to flip on the bars as know...those bars that are twice as tall as her...yeah. (Yes, that is the middle doing the splits that make my legs ache)

Today was Middle School Orientation for Little Man. It's not fair. Mom is NOT happy about this. I mean why should I be...first this, then dances, then girls calling (oh wait - they already do) thing I'll know he'll be in HIGH SCHOOL. *sob* We took him on a tour to find his classes...there are THREE buildings he will have to find he way to in one short day.


StacyRenee said...

WHERE did the time go? Courtney will be graduating college when Krista starts kindergarten

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