Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Playing with a new toy.

I recently was blessed enough to be able to purchase the Silhouette digital cutting machine. Let me just say "Oh my!" So many ideas running through my head and I've been so busy up til now to even TRY any of them. Now I've dived in (since I finished my last Math Quiz last night, I finally feel like I can play with my graduation present).

Say hello to her...isn't she pretty. (Don't worry she'll get a table soon enough...I need to find a special place for her.)

So I found this awesome damask design on the Silhouette website that will match my tiny little kitchen decor (that's another's new too!) All I had to do was tell it to cut and it was done.

Here is my pink little beauty that will be receiving the new vinyl damask cut out. She looks so sweet and cute on her own doesn't she? Unfortunately Chef doesn't appreciate her pinkness (after all HE is the Chef around here...LOL)

All cut out and excess removed. (Note to self: When doing something for the first time do NOT pick the hardest image to cut out...are you FLIPPING nuts!)

I used the handy dandy transfer paper that I thought prior to this that there is NO WAY I'd ever need it. Yeah, you hear me laughing at myself don't you. Anyways the transfer paper allows you to keep your detailed massively piecey image together so you're not stuck trying to do a "puzzle" later.

I applied the vinyl to the top of my pink beauty and voila!!! She newly emerges a slick and frisky lady. Chef's reaction? "Oh WOW!" when he walked in to the kitchen. She was of course the first thing he saw...should I be jealous?

While I love doing all things creative I can not always take credit. I am horrible and do not remember where I first saw a vinyl decorated Kitchen Aide but know that I super appreciate that person's creative-ness and for sharing thier ideas on the world wide web for unoriginal saps like me.