Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I thought I would start today off with some pictures of my children dresses and ready for Halloween. They had a dry run last Friday night when the FCC had it's annual Falls Fest. There were lots of games to be played, cakes to be won and candy to be nibbled before dinner at IHOP.

I spent about $15.00 on the costumes for ALL of them this year. Totally exciting.

The Princess wanted to be a black cat in honor of our black cat, Leia. She was so happy about it and we ran off together to JoAnn's to buy her some black tule for her tutu. She already had the ears and make up made up her beautiful nose and whiskers. She was excited about the makeup part. LOL She won first place in the costume contest for her age group at the Falls Fest.

We explained to the boys that they would have to think of ways to use what we had to make their costumes. Monkey immediatly said he wanted to be Batman and said he would use his brothers old "Scream" cape as his batman cape. With a little cutting and hot gluing we transformed into a great Bat Cape. Then he was set to the task of coming up with a mask. Luckly while at JoAnn's I found a Batman mask for $5.00. He was so happy. Then Chef cut out a great BAT symbol for his belt and I painted it.
He loved his Batman costume.

It took Little Man the longest to figure out what he wanted to be. Finally one day he jumped up and said he wanted to be a Zombie. Okay that works. I figured we'd just go to the Goodwill and grab some old clothes then I remembered that we had some that would still sort of fit him. Some cutting, ripping and rubbing in the dirt later and we had ourselves a dead guy. Grabbed some cheap makeup to finalize that "undead" look.
You can't rell but he is happy about it. LOL

I hope everyone has a safe and fun night of Trick or Treating.