Sunday, October 26, 2008


So the boys have been playing football for the first time this year. They both have taken to it like they have been at it for years. Such naturals. Even for shorties. LOL Mush to Little Man's dismay they were given Bronco's jersey's. Anyone who knows us knows that Little Man (as the rest of us) is a avid Packers Fan. He couldn't BELIEVE that he'd have to wear a Bronco's jersey. He got over it when he was told that orange was his color...LOL. Such a vain boy.

Here's the team:

Monkey: (The photographer (not me - I was off to the side) had them looking directly at the sun for pics. Hence the squinty face.)

Little Man:

In action:

While I was MIA the boys stayed home with Dad so they could continue going to school and playing football. Little Man called me after the game to tell me that he made a Touch Down. They both went on to tell me that Monkey blocked for Little Man (who was playing Quarterback) so he could make a hand off pass. I'm so proud of my boys. Monkey went on to tell me that he "accidentally" tackled someone. OPPS - guess he got so caught up in the game he forgot that it was FLAG football.